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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media During the Holidays

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media During the Holidays

November 23, 2022

Social media can help keep you informed and add a daily dose of inspiration into your life, but it can also lead to problematic habits: overthinking and comparing. During the holiday season, it’s especially important to reframe your social media habits so you’re reaping the rewards instead of doomscrolling.

Monitor your usage

It may sound counterproductive to download an app that keeps you off of other apps, but they exist, and they’re extremely helpful. OfftimeMoment, and Freedom are just a few that you can download to reinstate some balance into your online life. Or, you can turn on screentime notifications so you’re aware of how much time you spend on your phone.

Take a prolonged break

If limiting your screentime isn’t enough, it may be more useful to delete social media off your phone altogether during the holidays. It will help you reconnect with what’s truly important during this time of year.

Follow joyful hashtags

With Instagram’s feature to follow hashtags, you can easily flood your feed with all of the brightly decorated homes and colorful recipes your heart desires, and none of the negative that can bring your spirit down.

Set intentions

Taking a few moments before checking your phone to practice mindfulness or meditation could help you realize what these apps are meant for in the first place: to get inspired, have a laugh, or positively interact with those in your inner circle.

Start small

If you have a goal to read or journal before checking your phone first thing in the morning, be realistic with yourself. Start by doing so once a week, then twice, etc. If you quit cold turkey, you’ll be more likely to go right back to those bad habits.

Follow smartly

Unfollowing people can seem extreme, but if there are people on your feed that contribute to negative self-talk, it’s more than OK to disengage. You could also utilize the mute feature if you feel like you just need a break for a little while.

Talk to someone

Chances are, if you’re feeling burnt out from all of the social media content this year, someone else in your life is, too. Reach out to a close friend and let them know how you’re feeling! It could make all the difference.

Pause first 

Meaning, if you see something that upsets or angers you, take a few minutes to calm any anxious thoughts before commenting on a post or messaging someone. If you still feel inclined to speak up, taking those extra moments will help you have a more intentional, meaningful conversation.



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