Investment Consulting Process

We use a simple, five-phase investment consulting process to help build and maintain a comprehensive investment plan that is aimed toward meeting your long-term financial objectives:

Phase 1: Understanding you and your expectations

What do you want from your investment portfolio? Where do you want to be in five years? Ten years? One of the keys to investment success is to clearly define your objectives, financial needs and tolerance for risk. You and I will work closely to identify where you stand today and where you want to be in the future.

Phase 2: Developed a customized Envision® Plan for your investment strategy

After discussing your investment objectives with you, we will decide on a combination of diversified investments to help you achieve your goals. From this, we will create an investment profile to help guide future decisions pertaining to your account.

Phase 3: Analyzing and selecting appropriate investment alternatives

Next, we will determine which actual investment vehicles are best suited to your investment profile. We evaluate investment vehicles to determine how they correspond to your assets, debts, expenses, income, tax situation, insurance coverage, etc.

Phase 4: Bringing the team together

We will work with you to initiate the investment process. We will present you with a range of specific investment options consistent with the asset allocation we've proposed and will discuss all of your available options to help you understand why we recommend particular investments for you.

Phase 5: Tracking your progress

We'll help make sure you stay on track after your portfolio selections have been put in motion. We will closely monitor your portfolio's performance, and we'll meet with you on a regular basis to discuss its progress and determine if we believe any adjustments are needed.