2018 Veesart Financial Transition

Looking ahead to 2018, our team is pleased to inform you that the practice transition for Veesart Financial that we began four years ago continues to go very smoothly. Steve and Lindsey will continue working together to keep your wealth plan on track during the upcoming year.

Our number one priority during the transition process is to continue focusing on delivering an outstanding client experience as we work to help you achieve your investment goals. We are proud of our legacy of delivering exceptional, personal service and the shared mutual values we have with our clients. You can be confident these high standards will always be maintained by our practice as we chart our new course.

Whether it’s developing strategies to enjoy an early retirement or transition an estate to children and grandchildren, we enjoy building lasting relationships and working to make a difference in our clients’ lives. It is truly rewarding to work with you as we strive to realize your financial dreams.